Sedona Family Counseling

There are many reasons to partake in family counseling. Family counseling takes place with the family present, focusing on relationships within the family. Everyone has their own personal reason to participate in family counseling. Regardless of the reason, family counseling can be extremely beneficial. You will be able to communicate with your family better. You’ll express concerns you may have. Perhaps you may just want to connect more and have a deeper understanding with your family. There’s so much more to be taken out of family counseling. Whatever you need, we assure our friendly staff can assist with your specific needs.

Of course, we recommend that family counseling be used as the primary focus of treatment, but family counseling will also work perfectly well as an addition to individual counseling. The best thing to help with counseling is the support of the family unit. Deep successes are usually seen when the family is present, so having family in Sedona is a huge benefit.

No matter the want or need, call us today. At Price Family Services, we make sure our clients are completely satisfied with our counseling. Our staff show the utmost care to all our clients’ needs. Remember, call our Price Family Services’ Sedona location today.


Monday – Friday 9:00a – 5:00p
Saturday closed
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