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Family Price Services understands that your family counseling needs vary and is standing by waiting to help you on your journey. Family counseling is a service that tends to the growth, maintenance, and repair of familial relationships. Members of a family attend together to increase the effectiveness of the counseling experience.

The reasons for seeking guidance are many; maybe you wish to strengthen the family’s communication skills in order to decrease misunderstanding and increase enjoyment of one another. Perhaps issues exist between members that block the whole unit from being emotionally healthy and stable. Or it may just be you desire to encourage a greater level of connection within your family through mutual understanding. If any of these reasons pertain to you or if you have your own reasons for seeking help with a professional guide, then family counseling is a catalytic step towards making a positive difference. Whatever your goals for your family, Family Price Services is here to help you achieve those goals. Our congenial staff will provide you with the information you need to act on your pursuit of happiness.

Family counseling is not limited to just helping a family communicate internal problems; the presence of loved ones at an individual’s self-help session is both appropriate and beneficial. A family member’s support in supplement to one’s own counseling is irreplaceable in its aide to a person’s healing process. Many people find that having a support system of loved ones encourages their own desire to make the changes necessary in their lives to obtain an ideal state of happiness. So many incredible successes happen when the family is present in a family counseling session in support of an individual.

Here at Family Price Services, we care about our client’s well-being and want them to get the most out of their time with our professionals. Call us today for information about the resources available in the Queen Creek area.


Monday – Friday 9:00a – 5:00p
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