Dewey-Humboldt Family Counseling Services

Here in Dewey-Humboldt, our family counseling brings the family together to focus on the relationships of a family with all family members present. There are many reasons an individual may want to partake in family counseling. You may want to be able to communicate better with other family members. Learn to get your concerns heard and needs met with your family. Family counseling can be beneficial in many ways.

All reasons are personal and our staff is ready to help.
Family counseling can be a supplement to someone’s individual needs, and not just the main focus. Keep in mind, a family together is the most powerful support when it comes to counseling. We have a first hand experience in seeing just how much a family being present can help an individual’s counseling.

Please call for any of your needs, we know we can help. Price Family Services isn’t just a business. We’re a great big family that wants to help other families in need. For the best family counseling, call our Dewey-Humboldt Price Family Services location today.


Monday – Friday 9:00a – 5:00p
Saturday closed
Sunday closed



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