Cottonwood Family Counseling Services

For family counseling, it is important to focus on the relationships within the family and will take place with the rest of the family present. Our clients come in with many different reasons to participate in family counseling. No reason was more important than another. If you are looking to communicate more effectively in terms of family relationships, address issues and concerns you are dealing with, or wish to have a stronger level of connection and understanding, then family counseling is for you. Of course there are many more reasons to want family counseling. That is perfectly fine, and our on point staff is here ready to help and discuss your specific needs.

Family counseling works best as a primary focus of counseling, but it also works well as a supplement to one’s individual counseling. The family relationship is powerful, so a counseling session always works better, if not best, with the family unit present. More often than not does the family support help the individual.

Call us today, regardless of your desire. We can discuss your individual needs and set up an appointment. Price Family Services is filled with friendly professionals willing to help with any need you may have. We care about our clients and we guarantee the very best out of your counseling sessions. So whenever you feel ready, call the Price Family Services in Cottonwood.


Monday – Friday 9:00a – 5:00p
Saturday closed
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